Look at the rally car with the appearance of a Ferrari supercar

Look at the rally car with the appearance of a Ferrari supercar

November 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Cross-country team Ya-Car racing in an unusual prototype

Ferrari is exclusive and expensive enough not to participate in the rally cross, but the Ya-Car team did not stop it – the Spaniards stylized their racing prototype under 360 Modena. The rally car looks like a real Ferrari, but in reality with the 360 Modena only the body makes it similar.

Rally racing is not a Ferrari element: the Italian company tried to try its hand at the World Cup in the early 1980s, but the project was not continued. It is almost impossible to see modern cars with a “prancing stallion” on gravel tracks in a “combat” mode.

As Road & Track found out, the Spanish Ya-Car team developed its own design for rally competitions: they took the spatial frame as the basis, a pair of Suzuki motorcycle engines with a capacity of about 200 horsepower each acts as a power plant. The drive of the prototype is full, the suspension is long-stroke, the body is borrowed from the Ferrari 360 Modena, as amended by the original rear wing and special glazing.

Although it is difficult to meet Italian supercars outside of highway racing, Ferrari styling an SUV for practicality is not uncommon. Last week, a modified Dino 308 GT4 coupe with an elevated suspension, rally tires and a cross-body kit was put up for auction in Riyadh.