Look at the perfect Ford Mustang convertible for 47 years

Look at the perfect Ford Mustang convertible for 47 years

May 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The cost of the car is $ 49,900

In one of the garages of the state of Illinois, USA, they found a red and black Ford Mustang Convertible from 1973 in excellent condition with a mileage of only 5600 kilometers. At the moment, you can buy a perfect looking muscle car for $ 49,900.

The 1973 Ford Mustang Convertible was inherited by the current owner from a relative who, he said, was very careful about the car. The owner of the Mustang guarantees that all the spare parts for the muscle car and the mileage, which is 5600 kilometers, are original. In this case, the car itself has never been restored.

Mustang is painted in factory red paint with a classic black ornament on the hood and lines on the sides. The car interior is made of gray fabric and white vinyl.

The 47-year-old car is equipped with the original 351 cc V8 engine, which produced 157 horsepower and 353 Nm of torque. The convertible accelerated to “hundreds” in 12 seconds and developed a top speed of 170 kilometers per hour.

In early May, one of the first 1969 Ford Mustang GT convertibles was put up for sale at an eBay auction. You can buy a muscle car, which was the eleventh car off the assembly line of an American company that year of production, for $ 32,600