Look at the old Ford that rides backwards

Look at the old Ford that rides backwards

December 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Ex-Indiana rider rides through his hometown on an “inverted” pickup truck

Davey Hamilton, who had previously built a career in motorsport, added a twist to his 1952 Ford pickup truck: while driving, the car looks like it is driving backwards. In order to achieve this effect, the former racer “turned around” the interior and interchanged the headlights and taillights.

There was enough space in the Ford loading platform to install the Chevy 350 engine and massive grille. In the cabin, Hamilton placed sports seats that are facing the rear window. However, the “tuning” turned out to be the inconvenience to the owner of the pickup truck: firstly, he had to use the left door every time to get behind the wheel, and secondly, the driver’s seat was pretty cramped.

In September this year, the Chevrolet C / K 1500 pickup truck, released at the end of the last century, underwent a similar revision. An American named Ron turned the body on the frame in the opposite direction.

A few years earlier, they turned a similar focus with Kia Soul, however, the effect of moving backwards affected its passengers. In 2016, at a SEMA tuning show, they presented a conceptual drone called First Class, in which the seats are deployed against the direction of travel.