Look at the most unfortunate way to transport a huge Jacuzzi on a Porsche

Look at the most unfortunate way to transport a huge Jacuzzi on a Porsche

June 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

In the Canadian city of Ontario, police stopped a two-door Porsche 968, carrying a huge hot tub without a special trailer. Instead, the driver designed a makeshift cart from wooden planks.

The design of the invention is a hand truck with wheels, hammered together from wooden boards. A jacuzzi is placed on it with an edge, which in turn is tied to homemade ropes. The platform itself is fastened with straps to the open trunk of the car. A board was installed inside the trunk, which prevented the lid from closing.

It is not known how many kilometers the driver managed to travel with a makeshift trailer, but despite the fact that the design works, it is unlikely that this method and idea can be called successful, and the transportation itself is safe. If a wheel fell off or a safety belt broke, the hot tub could cause serious damage to other participants in the movement. That is why the Canadian police who stopped the 54-year-old driver fined him for reckless cargo transportation.

In early June, Canadian police stopped a man driving a pickup truck, which was transporting a motor home in spite of all traffic rules. During the inspection, police officers discovered more than twenty violations of the conditions of transportation, as a result of which the car was confiscated along with the caravan.