Look at the Land Rover Defender with “Italian design”

Look at the Land Rover Defender with “Italian design”

January 13, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The Ares atelier presented the Land Rover Defender Spec project. 1.2

Italian studio Ares Design has unveiled a package for the classic Land Rover Defender called ARES for Land Rover Defender Spec. 1.2. The comprehensive program includes the manufacture of new body panels, the installation of a panoramic roof and a V8 engine.

All visual changes to Land Rover Defender are the merit of the designers of its own style center Ares. Moreover, the purpose of the improvements was not so much to modernize the look of the SUV, but to remain within the framework of the classic style, with maximum preservation of authenticity. So, Defender received a new carbon fiber hood, widened fenders and lost all visible bolts. The headlights have become LED (they are fixed in a one-piece composite radiator grille), and so are the lights. At the same time, the car was equipped with a panoramic roof and 18-inch branded wheels.

The interior of the SUV was decorated with the finest leather and decorative carbon inserts. In place of the old multimedia, a new, more modern one has appeared. Also, Ares specialists had to modify the climate control system and install power windows on all doors, and add a button to start the engine, replace the levers for turning on the optics and wipers, plus fit the electrically adjustable and heated side mirrors to the car.

Under the hood, the Land Rover Defender Spec. 1.2 a V-shaped “figure eight” with a working volume of 4750 cubic centimeters and a return of 280 forces and 440 Nm of torque was registered. The box is a six-band automatic machine. The transmission and axle shafts had to be strengthened, and sports mechanisms with six-piston calipers were installed in place of the standard brakes. In addition, the SUV was equipped with electronically controlled shock absorbers with several stiffness profiles. Land Rover Defender Spec. 1.2 will be only 15 copies.

Meanwhile, the studio has many unfinished projects. The Wami Lalique Spyder roadster with rhinestone interior decoration, the S1 supercar, and the “reborn” Ferrari 250 GTO have not yet been seen.