Look at the electric hot rod with a V8 engine

Look at the electric hot rod with a V8 engine

May 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Canadian hid the electronics inside the engine block

Chris Webb, the owner of a car repair shop, built an unusual hot rod. He turned a 1936 Hayes pickup truck into an electric car, the engine of which is hidden in the “Chevrolet V8” small block.

The idea of ​​building an electric hot rod belongs to Webb’s daughter, and friends helped him with the implementation. The V8 fake engine block is an aluminum copy, inside of which a 96-volt electric motor, controller, radiators and a cooling fan are installed. The original ICE, however, has been preserved: it has been moved behind the cab and acts as a “travel extension”, recharging the batteries in motion. The electric motor power is not disclosed, but the moment is known – 350 Nm.

In 2018, the California studio Icon, specializing in the restoration of classic SUVs, introduced the 1949 derelict restomode Mercury Coupe.

One of the features of the car was the electrical installation, prepared by the joint efforts of Icon and Stealth EV, which looks like a V8 engine.