Look at the drift of an unmanned Toyota Supra

Look at the drift of an unmanned Toyota Supra

January 18, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The latest maneuvering technologies have been worked out on the sports car Toyota Supra

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) is working with Stanford’s Dynamic Design Lab and Toyota Racing Development to create a new generation of autonomous driving systems. As part of the project, scientists have built an unmanned Toyota GR Supra capable of independently going into a skid and supporting it.

Toyota’s new autonomous driving system is designed to digitize the actions of racers using the computing power of supercomputers. In the future, the skills and reflexes of real people will form the basis of new electronic driver assistance systems. According to experts, such an assisting technology will help avoid accidents that occur due to a lack of driving skills.

Experts have been developing the autonomous driving system since 2008. The first model on which the scientists worked out the capabilities of the system was an unmanned electric vehicle based on DeLorean. With its help, it was possible to develop algorithms that allow you to control a rear-wheel drive car in a skid using traction control, braking system and steering wheel movements.

To test the capabilities of the unmanned system, engineers installed an electronic architecture on the Toyota GR Supra. During the tests, the sports car successfully entered the drift and independently supported it. Just in case, the pilot was in the driver’s seat during the tests. According to scientists, the digitized skills of professional racers will train electronic assistants so that they can act quickly and efficiently in critical situations, while maintaining control over the car, including during an uncontrolled drift.

In November last year, scientists from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted a study in which they found out how the development of electronic vehicle assistance systems affects the behavior of drivers on the road. It turned out that electronic assistants reduce the attentiveness of drivers.