Look at one of the toughest tracks for Hot Wheels

Look at one of the toughest tracks for Hot Wheels

December 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Crazy track built by scale model maker with Jaguar

Hot Wheels, an American toy factory, and Jaguar celebrated the debut of the updated F-Type with the creation of a challenging track for 1:64 model cars. Jaguar design studio was turned into a toy ground: a 232-meter track passed according to the sketches of the F-Type sports car, on the desks of designers and even on the stairs.

The resulting Hot Wheels track looks like a toy track only in scale: from start to finish, the F-Type model must overcome 25 dead loops and four ski jumps, bounce three times on difficult sections and drive under four bridges.

In order for the toy to retain inertia, 55 boosters are provided. Moreover, the claimed scale speed is not at all childish: if the machine was the size of a real one, it would accelerate to 483 kilometers per hour – it is 183 kilometers per hour faster than the maximum speed of a real 575-horsepower Jaguar F-Type R Actual speed is much less: about 7.5 kilometers per hour.

A camouflaged toy in 1:64 format drives through the interior of one of the real F-Type, descends from the second floor of the studio to the first and finishes near the sports car in the signature bright blue color. The cast model Hot Wheels is very similar to the original: the fueling neck, mirrors, door handles, antenna and exhaust pipes have been worked out.

Although the 232-meter track in the British laboratory is not record-breaking in length (two weeks ago, NASCAR racer Joey Logano built an almost 600-meter toy track in his garage), the Jaguar and Hot Wheels joint project has no equal in configuration and complexity.

Probably, large-scale models of the updated Jaguar F-Type from Hot Wheels will go on sale simultaneously with the original model. The price of toy cars is not yet called.