Look at one of the rarest Nissan Skyline in the world

Look at one of the rarest Nissan Skyline in the world

December 6, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

A total of 44 copies were released in this modification.

The Australian studio V-Spec Perfomance published a detailed video with one of the rarest Skylines in the world – two-door in the back of the R33 and the 400R prefix. In total, 44 cars were produced.

Despite the fact that the R32 is and remains the most coveted body for model fans, this copy is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. This is one of the rarest modifications of Skyline in its entire history, which the Australian studio brought to perfect condition.

In 1996, Nissan decided to release a limited batch of the GT-R Le Mans race car – as the name of the model readily suggests, this coupe was part of the oldest Le Mans 24 hour endurance race. As a result, the R33 Nismo 400R coupe with a modified in-line “six” RB series was born.

The motor was named RBX-GT2, which is also called REINIK, it was built specifically for the Nismo 400R version. Engineers increased the volume to 2.8 liters, strengthened the cylinder block and head, equipped the pistons with cooling channels, installed a sports catalyst and forged connecting rods and crankshaft. At its peak, such an aggregate produced 443 horsepower and 469 Nm of torque. From standstill to 97 kilometers per hour (60 miles per hour), this car “fired” in four seconds, and the top speed exceeded 300 kilometers per hour.

A total of 44 copies were built, although some sources claim that 99 copies were produced. The car, which is now in the hands of an Australian studio, the seventh of all released, painted in dark purple.

This is not the only rare instance in the V-Spec Perfomance collection – in early October they published a video with one of the most expensive and rare Skylines performed by Z-Perfomance. Such versions were built even less, only 19 pieces, and one of them is in Australia.