Look at a luxury camper for $ 255,000

Look at a luxury camper for $ 255,000

November 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The motorhome can supply electricity to a family of four for two weeks

American department store Neiman Marcus has prepared a traditional list of the most coveted Christmas gifts. This year, it is topped by the luxurious Bowlus motorhome, which costs $ 255,000.

A camper called Endless Highways Performance Edition, which the company recommends for its wealthy customers, will be released in a single copy. The mobile home has everything you need for a family of four to live for two weeks: inside the aluminum module there is a kitchen, folding tables and sofas, and a sleeping place.

The client is offered ample opportunities for personalization: he will be able to choose the design of the walls and sofas, the colors of tablecloths, bed linen and pillows, dishes, a pair of outdoor chairs and other accessories. The equipment will include a full oven, several storage compartments, air conditioning and hatches on the ceiling.

A battery pack with an eight kilowatt-hour capacity, which can be fully charged in three and a half hours, is able to provide a camper with enough electricity for two weeks of autonomous living.

A Bowlus motorhome will cost the buyer $ 255,000 excluding shipping and tax, which is more expensive than the average price of an apartment in Moscow. The department store will donate $ 10,000 of this amount to The Heart of Neiman Marcus, a charity that supports children’s organizations.

In August, the German company Unicat presented its version of the luxury motorhome. The seven-meter module, equipped with a living area and a workshop, can become both a full-fledged home on wheels and a repair area for car competitions.