Look at a 55-year-old Ford truck with a 560-horsepower V8 engine

Look at a 55-year-old Ford truck with a 560-horsepower V8 engine

January 8, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Pickup truck Ford F-100 turned into a restomode stuffed with Mustang GT500

Minnesota American tuners “crossed” the 2010 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 and the rare F-100 truck. The result of a crazy project was a “charged” pickup with a classic appearance, a powerful turbo engine, rear-wheel drive and a mechanical 6-speed gearbox.

Visually determine that under the well-groomed two-color Ford pickup truck of 1965, a custom chassis is hiding and a deeply modernized power unit is difficult. However, a close look will note the lowered suspension, Brembo reinforced disc brakes (six-piston calipers at the front and four-piston rear), cast low-profile wheels and Shelby inscriptions on the sides of the body.

Technically, there is nothing in common between the old F-100 and the American restomode: under the hood, the upgraded 5.41-liter V8 with 561 horsepower, the Tremec TR6060 gearbox was removed from the Shelby Mustang GT500 sports car, and the No Limit Engineering sports design took the place of the standard suspension. front and “multi-link” Fatbar at the rear.

The interior is as close as possible to the original: only the steering wheel and the transmission selector stand out. The interior is similar to a pickup truck of the 1960s only at first glance: in fact, the engineers were able to install an air conditioning system in the cockpit, replace the pedal assembly and alter the sofa with leather. The developers deliberately refused to install infotainment systems with large screens or audio speakers, so as not to bring disharmony into the interior.

A unique pickup truck is up for sale: they ask for $ 79,900 for the custom. Owners of the crazy F-100 are ready to deliver a tuning truck to anywhere in the world.