Long Solaris “trains” will appear in Berlin

Long Solaris “trains” will appear in Berlin

March 13, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Despite the huge contracts for the purchase of conventional diesel buses, the capital of Germany continues to buy electric buses.

We have already talked about the supply of single passenger cars Mercedes and Solaris, and soon they will be joined by electric giants – articulated Solaris Urbino 18 electric.

Technically, electric “accordions” are different from their short counterparts. The same electroportal bridge ZF AVE with a pair of electric motors 110 kW each each sets in motion. But the battery capacity here is only 174 kWh against 240 kWh in a single Urbino electric.

The thing is that articulation will work on routes with ultra-fast charging stations and replenish energy reserves through pantographs on the roof. Therefore, a solid run without a run is not needed. In the fully low-floor cabin of the 18-meter electric bus, 47 seats are installed, and the total passenger capacity tends to two hundred people.

Berlin ordered a total of 15 such electric buses – they will be released on city routes early next year. By the way, the local authorities allocated EUR 13.2 million for their entire electric bus program.