Listen to how the V8 sounds on TVR Griffith

Listen to how the V8 sounds on TVR Griffith

November 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Sport coupe TVR Griffith is equipped with a modified engine from Ford Mustang

The British tire maker Avon Tires has posted on its Facebook page a video of the TVR Griffith sports car on the track. In the video you can hear the sound of the V8 from the Ford Mustang, which was specially developed by Cosworth for TVR.

TVR Griffith presented in September last year. At the heart of the sports car is a chassis of carbon fiber and steel, made by technology iStream. McLaren F1 developer Gordon Murray came up with this car assembly system. Griffith is equipped with an atmospheric engine 5.0 V8, the impact of which is 507 horsepower, and six-speed manual transmission Tremec Magnum XL. From the spot to 100 km/h the sports car accelerates in 3.9 seconds.

Among the features of the sport coupe is a completely flat bottom with a ground effect that enhances the massive diffuser. At high speed, a low pressure area is created between the road surface and the machine, providing additional downforce. Thanks to this, the Griffith can reach a maximum speed of 325 kilometers per hour.