List of the most economical cars published in Japan

List of the most economical cars published in Japan

April 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

It includes models of local automakers, available on the market at the end of 2018. The list contains the names of models and given the minimum value of consumption, without specifying specific modifications. Electric cars are not here.

A similar list in Japan is compiled annually, it is issued by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. It includes cars that have been certified for sale in the domestic market using the JC08 test cycle. It is worth noting that in Japan adopted a system for the designation of fuel consumption, different from that used in Europe. Efficiency is not reflected in l / 100 km, but in the mileage that cars can make on 1 liter of fuel: km / l. For example, the leader of the domestic market in Japan in terms of efficiency, the Toyota Prius has a flow rate of 39 km / l, which, when converted to the traditional European format, will be 2.56 l / 100 km. All values ​​below are converted.

Rating passenger cars as follows:

Toyota Prius 2.56 l / 100 km
Toyota Aqua 2.63 l / 100 km
Nissan Note 2.68 l / 100 km
Honda Fit 2.68 l / 100 km
Honda Grace 2.87 l / 100 km
Toyota Vitz 2.90 l / 100 km
Toyota Corolla Axio 2.90 l / 100 km
Toyota Corolla Fielder 2.90 l / 100 km
Honda Shuttle 2.90 l / 100 km
Toyota Corolla Sports 2.92 l / 100 km
Honda Insight 2.92 l / 100 km

It is easy to see that in many models the difference in consumption is negligible or absent altogether. To a certain extent, the list could be considered a formality, but in it, under one model name, all its modifications are summarized: for example, the Prius plug-in hybrid gives the minimum result for all Prius, including “Normal”, while the Nissan Note has a minimum value given to electric vehicles with internal combustion engines as “charging” for batteries.