Lincoln unveils revolutionary Perceiver concept for speed enthusiasts

Lincoln unveils revolutionary Perceiver concept for speed enthusiasts

December 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Conceptual Lincoln Perceiver, which stands out among other concept cars for its original appearance, experts managed to award a number of flattering characteristics.

According to car experts, in the coming decades, vehicles will become completely autonomous, which will relieve people of responsibility for driving. The modern automobile industry is already actively moving in this direction. However, there is something that obviously will not change over the years – this is the love of drivers for a fast ride. Lincoln took these two trends into account and created a concept that combines autonomous driving technology with incredible performance. The Lincoln Perceiver concept has excellent aerodynamics, today’s autonomy and amazing speed. About the new project of the American company portal told.

 The appearance of the novelty is different from any car on the market today. Its swift features, an elongated silhouette and original proportions work for aerodynamics. As conceived by the developers, the front wheels are completely hidden under a sharp body. This architecture allows Perceiver to “cut through” the air, which then flows along the smooth line of the roof and the glass cabin.

The autopilot allowed to abandon the traditional controls: in the car, we will not find either the steering wheel or the pedals. But the passengers, in turn, get an unobstructed view from the windshield, which extends over their heads up to the level of their feet. There is no information about the dynamic characteristics of the news.

 The new product from Lincoln was called an iteration of Hyper-GT – a triple hypercar from McLaren. Both of them fall under the definition of exceptionally fast and luxury cars.