Lincoln talks about why it will no longer produce sedans

Lincoln talks about why it will no longer produce sedans

October 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The luxury car maker plans to produce exclusively crossovers and SUVs. This was announced by an official representative of Ford, which includes the premium brand Lincoln.

The lineup of the American brand Lincoln is shrinking, although the luxury car manufacturer retains its most important models – crossovers and SUVs. For the most part, the automaker is phasing out sedans. MKZ production ended in the summer, and Continental production is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year. Those hoping that Lincoln will replace any of these models with another sedan will be disappointed as the automaker has no immediate plans for this.

In an interview with Ford Authority, Kumar Galhotra, vice president of Ford (Ford’s premium Lincoln brand) and president of the North American region, said the luxury brand has no plans to develop new sedans “for the foreseeable future.”

This is despite the popularity of this type of body in China, where the automaker continues to see an increase in sales of sedans.

The end of sales of Lincoln sedans is not surprising. Over the past few years, this body style has been losing popularity with consumers who have begun to prefer larger crossovers and SUVs. Lincoln discontinued production of the MKZ on July 31 this year, marking the end of two generations of this model.

Galhotra told the Ford Authority that the automaker is “always on the lookout for an ever-changing market” to constantly adapt to current trends.

Not so long ago, we wrote that Lincoln is going to abandon the Nautilus crossover. The crossover may face the same fate that awaits its sister model Ford Edge. Both SUVs can become victims of lineup optimization.