Lincoln refused to release an electric car based on Rivian

Lincoln refused to release an electric car based on Rivian

April 29, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Due to the coronavirus, the brand announced a change in its plans – in the future Lincoln will have its own EV.

Just three months ago, Lincoln announced a project to create a car on the platform of the notorious Rivian. Today, AutoTimesNews announced the cancellation of the plans of the American company. Lincoln is reported to have informed dealers of its decision to cancel the launch of the electric car on Monday, April 28, citing the “current situation.”

In the automotive industry these days, this wording means the coronavirus pandemic and the fall of the car market as a whole. Lincoln originally announced that this model will be launched in 2022. It was to be built using the same platform on which the Rivian R1S and R1T are based. The partnership with Rivian was so close that they were planning to build a new product at the Rivian Normal assembly plant. Production at this plant was recently suspended due to coronavirus, which will affect many of the company’s plans.

Note that Lincoln never called their new product an SUV, but this would be the most likely result of using the Rivian platform, designed for large trucks.

“Given the current situation, Lincoln and Rivian decided not to develop an all-electric vehicle based on the Rivian platform. Our strategic commitment to both brands and electrification remains unchanged, and Lincoln’s future plans include creating an all-electric car, ”the American brand said in a statement.

However, representatives of the brand refused to provide any details about the new product or the time when this mysterious electric car will appear. It can be based on the Mustang Mach-E platform or the larger “cart” of the future electric F-150.

“Our partnership with Rivian is strong,” the Lincoln statement said. “Despite the fact that the Lincoln electric car turned out to be an inappropriate opportunity, we continue to work closely with Rivian. Our strategic commitment remains unchanged and we will continue to work with Rivian on an alternative vehicle based on the Rivian platform. ”