Lincoln launches suicidal sedan Continental Coach Door Edition sales

Lincoln launches suicidal sedan Continental Coach Door Edition sales

October 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Additional Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition is available from October 4.

Lincoln has announced the launch of an additional edition of the limited edition Continental Coach Door Edition sedan with rear doors that open upstream. The 2020 model year batch will consist of approximately 150 vehicles.

The revival of Continental sedans with swing doors in the style of 1960s models was announced by Lincoln in December last year. The American manufacturer announced the release of 80 sedans of the 80th Anniversary Coach Door Edition series, dedicated to the 80-year-old Continental model. Despite the starting price of 110 thousand dollars, all the cars were sold in a few days – which is probably why the new Continental circulation is almost two times the previous one.

Doors opened against the course were called “suicidal” due to a series of accidents that occurred in the first half of the twentieth century. At that time, the doors on cars often opened during movement – attempts to close the swing-open sash led to the driver and passengers falling out of the passenger compartment right under the wheels.

The performance of the 80th Anniversary Coach Door differs from the top version of the Black Label with an extended wheelbase of 152 mm and rear-opening doors opening 90 degrees. In addition, the anniversary Kontinetals have acquired a rear table integrated into the central tunnel with a tablet holder and wireless charging, as well as Perfect Position multi-contour seats with 30-band adjustment. In addition to the characteristic mechanism for opening doors, similarity with Rolls-Royce provide branded umbrellas.

Technically, the Continental Coach Door is identical to conventional sedans: under the hood, a 406-horsepower (542 Nm torque) 3.0-liter twin-turbo V6. The drive is full, a six-speed automatic transmission is responsible for power transmission.

Deliveries of the Coach Door 2020 model year will begin next spring. Prices for the special version start at 115,470 US dollars – this is 40 thousand dollars more than the price of the top-end “ordinary” Black Label configuration.