Lincoln Aviator will warn the driver about a seatbelt … symphonic music!

Lincoln Aviator will warn the driver about a seatbelt … symphonic music!

November 11, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The creators of the brand decided that the warning signals of the car (for example, about an unfastened seatbelt, etc.) should not just pick up and shrill, but sound nobly as instruments of a symphony orchestra.

Do you know how sometimes melodies of warning signals are created in a car? For example, that the door is ajar, the lights are on, the fuel tank lid is open, the seat belt is not fastened, or there is not enough fuel in the tank? But how – the musicians play, record the melody, digitize and “give” to the use of the car. At least they did this when creating a new crossover Lincoln Aviator, where the same warning signals brought to a new, symphonic level.

(So the melodies for the car were created.)

Jennifer Prescott, responsible for “harmony in the car” in the luxury brand Lincoln (owned by Ford), says that when she first invited the musicians to create tunes for cars, they decided that she was crazy. There were no less than the musicians of the Detroit Philharmonic Orchestra, and her request really turned out to be unusual. Instead of synthetic and boring sound signals, Jennifer asked to record musical arrangements for various acoustic warnings, which should be different from the annoying monotonous sounds.

(And that’s what eventually happened.)

And the musicians coped with the task, and what happened can be heard by scrolling video. Audible warnings have several levels of volume – first the informing sound, then it amplifies and at the end becomes distinctly warning. In general, future owners will be able to enjoy 25 different sound combinations created by musicians. It is worth noting that they did it with great pleasure, becoming interested in the opportunity to combine live sound with automotive technology.

The premiere of the Lincoln Aviator serial seven-seater crossover is scheduled for November 28 in Los Angeles. The pre-production version of the car was shown this spring at the New York Auto Show.