Lincoln Aviator Suspension scans the road 500 times a second

Lincoln Aviator Suspension scans the road 500 times a second

July 22, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

12 sensors work with the front camera to scan the road and automatically adjust the suspension for road conditions.

The prestigious American crossover Lincoln Aviator 2020 prayer year is not the first production car equipped with an adaptive suspension that scans the road ahead of you for pre-setting the car. However, this crossover is the first of the automaker’s model range, which uses this smart technology in an effort to maximize passenger comfort when driving on any surface.

 The company, which is owned by Ford, uses a similar scheme of the suspension, which is used in the current generation of the German full-size sedan Audi A8.

How it works? There are literally a dozen sensors that constantly monitor absolutely everything, they keep a close eye on when the crossover accelerates or slows down, behind the road surface. High-tech sensors can read parameters 500 times per second and work with the front camera, which scans the road surface almost 15.2 meters ahead.

Known as Adaptive Suspension with Road Preview, the system can detect various height deviations ranging from 5.1 to 20.3 cm. Whenever she sees a height deviation, such as a speed bump, smart crossover computers pre-adjust the suspension to ensure that a smoother ride is possible even on highly uneven surfaces. Built-in sensors and a front-facing camera can work together, providing automatic suspension adjustment up to 100 times per second.

Lincoln technician for vehicle dynamics, David Russell, mentions that the sensors are so fast that they start adjusting the suspension faster than in the blink of an eye, with more than 23,000 data inputs per second. The high-tech system is also good for detecting the drawdown of a single wheel, and when this happens, the shock absorber is automatically amplified to reduce the effect of this fall.