Lexus will release a special edition coupe LC 500 Inspiration Series

Lexus will release a special edition coupe LC 500 Inspiration Series

January 13, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The newest car Lexus LC 500 Inspiration Series will be released in limited edition, and the body of the model can only be painted in black Dark Knight.

If this 2021 Lexus LC 500 Inspiration Series were a gambler, it would say always bet on black. This is because this new Lexus has indeed received a unique black paint job .. However, this is not just an LC with an abundance of black paint.

In particular, the new car has received a carbon fiber finish. For example, special attention is paid to the roof and the rather large wing on the trunk. In fact, calling it a wing is appropriate here, as Lexus claims it was developed after research involving aircraft from the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. The rear has also been redesigned so that new elements help smooth out the turbulence created by the air flowing along the sides of the car.

The company doesn’t give a detailed description of the model, but it says the wing is made of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic and matches well with the black 21-inch wheels.

The Inspiration Series has sports seats with Alcantara upholstery and more carbon fiber in the interior, such as door sill trims. The interior isn’t exactly dark as there are additional brown accents on the seats and doors. The seat belts are also yellowish brown and the center console has a badge with the serial number of the vehicle from the series. Note that a total of 100 model instances will be built.

The LC 500 specifications have been retained unchanged. Under the hood of the coupe is a 5.0-liter V8 with 471 horsepower. The LC 500 Inspiration comes standard with a Torsen limited slip differential, Yamaha damper rear linkage, head-up display for the driver, Lexus SmarAccess key card and a 915W audio system. Lexus does not provide pricing information for the LC 500 Inspiration Series, but the vehicle will be available at dealerships this winter.