Lexus will present a tiny concept of the future crossover

Lexus will present a tiny concept of the future crossover

August 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese premium brand has patented the designation for the new crossover – the subcompact novelty will be called the LBX. The car could be based on the Toyota Yaris Cross and target mainly European car markets.

On August 5 this year, the Japanese company Toyota applied for the registration of the Lexus LBX trademark in Europe. On the same day, the same designation was legalized for Israel, and on August 7, the automaker filed similar documents in Iceland and Switzerland. In the description of these applications, the category “automobiles and their structural elements” is indicated.

Given the location of all these countries, it can be assumed that the Lexus LBX will be a car designed mainly for European countries.

However, since the inception of Lexus, the brand’s models have used alphanumeric model names consisting of two letters and numbers, indicating the power plant in a particular car. The LBX does not conform to the usual nomenclature, and there is no indication that the company is going to change the nomenclature of its cars.

Lexus Enthusiast suggests that the LBX trademark could be used for a future premium brand concept car, and there is evidence to support this theory. Rumors have it that the Toyota Yaris Cross subcompact crossover could serve as the basis for a new Lexus crossover, which the company will call the BX. A small crossover in the luxury automaker’s lineup would sit below the current UX. If the brand wants to present a car at one of the future exhibitions, the LBX will be a suitable name for it.

Since the Yaris Cross is targeted at European and Asian markets, it makes sense for Toyota to first apply for a trademark registration for a new Lexus model in those regions.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote that the Lexus RZ 450e or a new premium electric crossover. The Japanese company has registered the Lexus RZ 450e trade name, which is rumored to be reserved for the new electric crossover. The Lexus RZ 450e name is registered in the USA, Europe and Australia.