Lexus will be equipped with virtual mirrors

Lexus will be equipped with virtual mirrors

September 12, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Sedan Lexus ES will be the first mass model, equipped with “virtual” side mirrors Digital Outer Mirrors. Instead of traditional elements, on cars for the Japanese market special cameras will be installed, translating a picture on the displays installed inside the interior. Sales of the new ES in the home market will begin in October.

Digital Outer Mirrors are compact and aerodynamic modules, made in the form close to the usual side mirrors. Due to the small size, they not only improve visibility, but also reduce the noise from the wind and are not affected by rainfall: the design of the cameras virtually eliminates snow sticking on them and the accumulation of water droplets.

The image from the “virtual” mirrors is translated into five-inch displays installed at the bottom of the front racks. The system automatically activates the desired field of view – left, right and behind the car – when you turn on the turn signals or reverse gear. The driver can also manually activate the camera and expand the peripheral overview of the area around the machine.

A similar solution is used by Audi on an electric crossover e-tron. Cameras broadcast the picture on OLED-displays, located between the doors and the front panel. There are three modes of information display: highway, turn and parking. They can be switched using the MMI multimedia system interface.

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