Lexus UX300e trademark registration hints at all-electric crossover

Lexus UX300e trademark registration hints at all-electric crossover

December 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

A recent trademark registration Lexus UX300e may indicate the possibility of an early presentation of an all-electric line from a Japanese company. It is logical that Toyota decided to launch a serial release with a more expensive brand.

Toyota continues to claim that its dealer does not see the need for an electric vehicle, as its customers are not interested in this. Nevertheless, the subsidiary luxury brand Lexus hints at the development in this direction. For a long time we have been able to observe that Toyota is not in a hurry to develop in this segment, but the release of the first electric car will happen faster than this could have been expected. The registration of the name of the Lexus UX300e crossover testifies to this.

Previously, you could hear that the Lexus management was constantly evading the issue of electric vehicles, and the CEO stated several times that he was against the speedy entry of electric cars. A new trademark has been registered with the European Patent Office. The index “e” at the end of the name means, most likely, the electric segment, in hybrids the company puts the index “h”.

If we talk about the model UX300, this is a completely new crossover compact segment, shown at the Detroit Auto Show in early 2018. But so far there are no official statements about the intention to release an electric car.