Lexus uses its own selfdriving cars to service Tokyo Olympics 2020

Lexus uses its own selfdriving cars to service Tokyo Olympics 2020

October 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The company has officially confirmed information that it intends to use the new Lexus LS unmanned vehicles to service the Olympics. The systems have been extensively tested in California, Michigan, and Japan.

The new Toyota Lexus Research Institute will prepare several prototypes of the unmanned Lexus LS for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. These vehicles will be used to transport guests to events on pre-registered routes. Trips will be free, but premature car bookings will be required. Routes will run along public roads in the Odaiba area.

Odaiba is a shopping and entertainment district on an artificial island in Tokyo Bay. It is in great tourist demand. The Olympics will allow this area to become even more lively.

 The cars themselves will be test prototypes, ready for testing in real conditions. Representatives of the institute assure that the technology is already close to the fourth level, and is able to fully control the fifth generation Lexus LS. Nevertheless, we are confident that all test cars will move with a backup driver, able to take control in emergency situations.

 Toyota has not yet revealed the details of the event. How many cars will be used, how long the “action” will last, and also it is not known when and where people will be able to register for the trip.

In addition, users of the system will not be able to choose their own route. The organizers will offer several pre-approved trips, during which they will be able to demonstrate the operation of the selfdriving car.