Lexus uses customers’ DNA to produce ideal cars

Lexus uses customers’ DNA to produce ideal cars

March 31, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese company announced the launch of a comic program by April 1, according to which buyers will take DNA analysis for the production of individual cars

The company Lexus, together with the biotechnology firm 23andMe, came up with a new rally by April 1. The automaker said it would use DNA tests to produce ideal cars for each of its customers.

A fictitious program was called Genetic Select. According to her, the buyer comes to the dealer, where he surrenders his saliva. A few days later the client comes for his car, created taking into account the characteristics of the body, found by the analysis of his DNA.

So, in the video published in YouTube, it is shown that the girl gets a RC F compartment with larger cup holders, toned glasses and special seats. In addition, due to the low growth of the buyer, the compartment has an understated ground clearance.

Finally, the car is equipped with the owner’s DNA recognition system – to start the engine the driver needs to lick the steering wheel. Thus, the car will be completely protected from theft.

Previously, Honda introduced a comic car – an open version of the model CR-V. “Fully uncontrollable” crossover will go on sale in the “nonexistent market” on April 1. The company noted that the published images of the cross-cabriolet are not renders, but the photos are completely real car. Honda engineers cut the roof, as well as the central and rear racks with an angle grinder.