Lexus unveils new developments for self-driving cars

Lexus unveils new developments for self-driving cars

November 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

While fans are still trying to get Lexus to bring the LFA supercar back into production, the Japanese automaker has focused on the possible creation of a new SUV as well as focusing its resources on the future of autonomous driving.

In pursuit of this latter goal, Lexus recently partnered with the TED Fellows program, a group of “thought leaders” from a variety of industries. The goal of the partnership was to develop new designs for autonomous vehicles that prioritize the people using them over the technology they are based on. To do this, TED senior fellow neuroscientist Greg Gage and artist Sara Sandman got down to work and presented their projects.

“Focusing on what drives people, especially when they are driving, has always been central to Lexus design. This partnership with TED has allowed us to explore new human-centered ideas for an autonomous future with forward-thinking experts in their respective fields, ”said Lisa Materazzo, vice president of marketing for Lexus.

Greg Gage has a certain background in design, as his knowledge extends beyond neuroscience to engineering, and the idea of ​​the ideal autonomous car unites both disciplines. Its design is a brain-car interface that will allow the car to define how the driver feels and customize to suit his needs. For example, turn the radio off and on if the driver is annoyed, or automatically start a playlist of relaxing music if the driver wants to rest.

Sarah Sandman introduced a car that connects the interior to the exterior with panoramic windows, swivel seats, a speaker system that allows passengers to interact with pedestrians and cyclists, and even a chalk writing system that allows you to draw pictures or write inscriptions. This will encourage the person driving the autonomous vehicle to interact with external objects, not just their smartphone.

Sandman also proposes a cooperative ownership model to make cars available to more people. To stimulate social interaction inside the car, the car will have a digital fireplace, pillows and a terrarium-like ceiling. It is not yet known if these ideas will ever make it to the production version of the Lexus LS or something else, but anything is possible.