Lexus tops the rating of the most reliable machines

Lexus tops the rating of the most reliable machines

February 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews


The agency J.D. Power and Associates compiled a rating of the most reliable cars in the USA. The company conducts the corresponding research for the 29th time. When compiling the list, experts conducted a survey among car owners in 2015 release. The drivers were asked to identify the main problems that arose with their vehicles over the past 12 months. To do this, they were asked to answer 233 questions (divided into 8 main categories: the degree of reliability was determined by the number of malfunctions per 100 cars of the brand.

The first place in the reliability rating was occupied by Lexus cars (99 faults per 100 brand cars). In second place – Porsche (100 problems), and closed the first three Buick (116 faults), which was sold in Russia under the brand Opel. This is followed by Infinity (120) and Kia (122).

The car maker with the most unreliable cars called the company Chrysler – 211 defects per 100 cars. In addition, at the very bottom of the list were the Land Rover and Fiat brands with 204 and 192 breakdowns respectively.

As for the reliability rating of the models, three Lexus cars immediately took first place in their categories. In the list of the best were CT, ES and GT. Also in the various categories of the ranking the first places went to Kia Rio, Toyota Prius, Chevrolet Malibu, Dodge Challenger and Buick LaCrosse.

As the experts of J.D. Power and Associates noted, cars still have problems with the mobile phone’s mobile phone connection function being disabled via Bluetooth. Also part of the surveyed drivers complained about the inadequate operation of the audio system, navigation, climate control and infotainment system.