Lexus talked about its strategy

Lexus talked about its strategy

June 14, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

“Our customers need crossovers, and not aging sedans” – that’s what the Japanese prestigious brand says. However, they are not going to completely abandon the sedans in the company.

The company Lexus, like other automakers, who are faced with a rapidly changing car market and its details – now it, which is called “switched” to crossovers and SUVs, begins to slowly adjust to it. However, compared with other premium car manufacturers, such as the Bavarian BMW, which already has a few crossovers for a long time – BMW has X1, X2, X3 and X4, so far there are few such models in the current Lexus model range. David Christ, who is currently vice president and general manager of Lexus, said the company “is more than ever focused on maximizing its ability to retain its positions in the global market.”

The emphasis in the coming years will be made on crossovers and this means that the automaker plans to reconsider its attitude to the IS and GS sedans.

The current generation of the IS model debuted in 2013, while the current GS is even older – it was on the market in 2011. Although these two sedans can be called the main cars in the Lexus model lineup, consumers still require more crossovers and Lexus is going to take seriously this.

Currently, the car manufacturer offers a compact crossover NX, first introduced in 2015. Already this year, the company introduces to the market a small crossover UX, which will be positioned as a 2019 model year car. So, now, the Japanese brand offers a total of 6 crossovers.

So, sedans IS and GS are already old models, and the company needs “fresh blood”. If Lexus is going to spend money on research and development of new, promising models, this means that they will spend this money on the models that car owners want and will buy. At the moment we are talking about the SUV segment – crossovers and SUVs, and not about sedans. Mr. Christ added that “we can not do everything at once, but we highly appreciate both types of cars.”