Lexus takes road lighting to a new level

Lexus takes road lighting to a new level

June 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The system, created to ensure the safety of driving at night and in bad weather, is called BladeScan and improves the photometric control of the area in front of the car from 1.7 to 0.7 degrees.

This means that drivers will be able to see places that were previously inaccessible when illuminated with a conventional high beam system, such as fields along roads, pedestrians and possible obstacles. In addition, the system allows pre-snatching road signs out of the dark.

Compared with the current generation of Lexus RX, which is equipped with an automatic or adaptive LED high beam included in the package of Lexus Safety System +, the level of recognition of pedestrians at night has improved by 24 meters – with the new development this figure improves to 56 meters.

In addition, the technology does not blind other drivers and minimizes the number of LEDs: in this case, 10 elements are used in each headlamp. The LEDs are located in a compact module in the front corner of each headlamp, directing light diagonally through 2 mirror blades that rotate at high speed. LEDs turn on and off automatically.

Toyota’s luxury sub-brand has demonstrated this new adaptive headlight system in the video, which can be seen at the bottom of our article. It shows the work of innovative optics in real conditions.