Lexus sold 1 million vehicles in Europe

Lexus sold 1 million vehicles in Europe

October 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

It has taken Lexus Europe 3 decades to sell 1 million vehicles locally since its introduction in Europe in 1990. The milestone was marked last month, 30 years after the brand launched the first LS 400 in the Old Continent, which accounted for 1,158 sales that year.

“It may have been a humble start, but it marked the beginning of a transformation in the premium car market when LS redefined what a luxury car should be in terms of performance, efficiency and enhanced equipment,” the Japanese automaker notes.

Toyota’s best-selling luxury car brand was the Lexus RX, which became the world’s first hybrid luxury SUV in the mid-2000s with 289,284 units sold, followed by the IS models with 202,210 vehicles and the NX with 155,366 units. In addition, Lexus also sold 97,637 CTs, as well as 74,998, 58,234 and 39,059 GS, LX and LS units, respectively. The LFA supercar, which was produced at the Motomachi plant in Japan between 2010 and 2012, has sold 38 units in the EU.

The recent success of NX and UX in Europe also explains why Lexus is increasingly focusing on SUVs and crossovers. The new IS, as well as the RC 300h and CT, will disappear from the company’s European price list. The only non-SUVs remaining will be the ES midsize sedan, LS top limousine, and LC coupe and convertible versions.

Of the 1 million vehicles Lexus registered in Europe over the past three decades, 45% have been hybrids. By comparison, 96% of the company’s sales in Western Europe today are electric vehicles, and in the UK this percentage rises to 99.7%, accounting for more than a quarter of the brand’s total sales in Western Europe.