Lexus showed the world’s first “tattooed” car

Lexus showed the world’s first “tattooed” car

March 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Lexus Corporation and the famous tattoo artist Claudia De Sabe from London demonstrated the first of its kind tattooed car. They became the cross UX, the body of which was decorated with a traditional Japanese culture pattern in the form of koi carps, symbolizing good luck and perseverance.

The whole process of applying “tattoos” took about 6 months. As a canvas, Claudia chose a white car, on the back of which, using a special drill, she initially formed the main pattern.

After that, the artist manually painted the car and covered everything with colorless varnish. As Claudia noted, the process of creating tattoos on a car is somewhat reminiscent of drawing drawings on the human body. But in this project, she was forced to pay attention to changing the shape of the body when moving from one area of ​​the car to another.

Cross is conceived as a tribute to the masters of takumi, the skills of which the brand applies in working on their own cars, and is not for sale. However, the corporation calculated the approximate price for a unique car. So, if such a machine were to be on sale, then it would cost £ 120,000.