Lexus showed a teaser for its first electric car

Lexus showed a teaser for its first electric car

October 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese brand Lexus has announced the debut of its first battery machine by publishing a video teaser.

Judging by the widespread video, Lexus is going to demonstrate its own concept at the Tokyo auto show, which will be held from November 23 to 4, this year. It should be emphasized that this will be the debut all-electric premium car brand.

Taking advantage of continuous advances in technologies such as electrification and autonomous driving, the conceptual model will give an idea of ​​the future vision of Lexus, which is designed for consumers equally passionate about driving and exclusive luxury experience.

The as-yet-unnamed concept has a square, comfortable urban hatchback shape, but it has a more futuristic design than any other model in the Japanese brand lineup.

It is assumed that a multimedia system of a new level, displayed on several displays located on both sides of the steering wheel, will characterize the interior. Despite the fact that the technical specifications and the start date for the production of the debut electric Lexus have not yet been disclosed, the brand has recognized that it is necessary to release a competitive and compelling product.

The company is investing heavily in engine technology to fulfill its promise of an electrified version of each model by 2025.