Lexus revealed interior of conceptual crossover UX

Lexus revealed interior of conceptual crossover UX

September 23, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Interior of Lexus UX concept crossover is still a mystery (the company recently published a picture of the back), but the style of the interior is no longer a secret – the company extended the first salon image.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that the salon Lexus UX prototype was too futuristic, do not. The most interesting – it’s on-board electronics interface. Apparently, the Japanese offer is no longer touchpad, and gesture control system that allows almost completely abandon the keys on the console, leaving only the most basic. In this case the output of information of media system and air conditioning system will be carried out on the holographic display, and the user will be able to manage the data, “meshing” of their own fingers in the air.

Cameras instead of rear-view mirrors, with images that are displayed on the front panel, against this background, seem to have quite the serial production.

Judging by the style and overall layout of the cabin, the main place in the car will be given to the driver. It is on this concept Japanese apparently show their innovative seat, which are based on a network structure formed by numerous fibers. The layers that cover the power seat structure has a web structure, which strands diverge radially from the center of the back seat. This network is flexible enough to adapt as much as possible to the shape of the body and distribute the load. The fibers forming the “web” structure in the seat back, are made on the basis of synthetic spider silk.

Recall that in Paris, Lexus will introduce the concept of UX, on the basis of which should appear later serial crossover, which will take place on a step below NX. The car attracted the attention of at least two elements: swinging doors and cameras instead of rear-view mirrors.

On the technical characteristics of the model is not known, but previously it was reported that the Japanese  registered indexes UX200, UX250 and UX250h. This suggests that the new incarnation in the series (which is likely to compete with the BMW X1) will receive a hybrid version and a version with 2.0-and 2.5liter engines.

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