Lexus named the finalists of the annual design competition

Lexus named the finalists of the annual design competition

February 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese brand has announced six finalists of the annual Lexus Design Award.

The Lexus brand announced the finalists for the annual Lexus Design Award held among young designers from around the world. Six unusual projects with revolutionary solutions designed to “build a better future.”

This year, more than one and a half thousand beginning specialists submitted an application for participation in the competition. In total, six of the most interesting and promising works were selected, the authors of which will now be able to start creating a prototype with the support of Lexus.

Russian Dmitry Dmitri Balashov opens the short-list with the project “Eco Vortex for Power Generation”. It is a turbine capable of collecting a jet plane’s gas during takeoff and converting it into electrical energy.

American Lisa Marx has developed “Algometric Lace” – a special bra from 3D lace, created for women who have experienced breast cancer. Turk Rezan Hasoglu, who lives in the UK, presented the Arenophil project, a program for studying desert sand using various binding materials.

The Baluto project was created by Filipino Jeffrey E. Dela Cruz, who developed a modular building system that can withstand floods and earthquakes. Chinese Shuzhzhan Yuan invented special equipment for the emergency collection of oil spills (“Hydrus”). Finally, the Australian company Prevalent, Ben Berwick, presented a window curtain capable of producing electricity and improving lighting.

Recall that the winner of last year’s competition was the project TestingHypotheticals of the Extrapolation Factory group (designers Christopher Webken and Elliott P. Montgomery). It is a special platform for “practical testing of theories about the relationship between society, technology and the environment.” According to the designers, their development actually allows you to visually “test various hypotheses.”