Lexus launched his first yacht

Lexus launched his first yacht

September 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The ship will be shown to the public at the Fort Lauderdale International Yacht Show

Lexus together with the American shipyard Marquis Yachts completed the adjustment of the Lexus LY 650 yacht. Its world premiere took place in the town of Boca Raton on the east coast of Florida.

The luxury yacht LY 650 is part of a project to “explore the possibilities of the world of luxury and an active lifestyle,” Lexus’s attempt to become not only an automobile, but also a lifestyle brand. The design of the vessel is based on the L-finesse proprietary concept and is inspired by the Sport Yacht experimental boat, which was shown in 2017 at a special event in Miami.

The Italian design studio Nuvolari Lenard and the shipyard Marquis Yachts helped to bring the idea to serial implementation, on which they made a composite hull made of reinforced glass and carbon fiber polymer. At the same time, Toyota adapted its production system (Toyota Production System, TPS) with parallel engineering, reducing the production cycle time and constant quality control for the production of yachts. This made it possible to create a product with unprecedented attention to detail, consistent with the traditional Japanese concept of sensuality and hospitality (omotenashi).

In the guise of the Lexus LY 650, there are many references to the main business of the company. For example, the cockpit roof line, on which there is an open bridge, evokes associations with a compartment-shaped body, and metal accents on the bow and L-shaped air intakes make the yacht related to all the latest models of the brand. There are three cabins on board, each with its own shower, and berths for six people. In the compartment on the deck are two captain’s chairs and two sofas.

The yacht is driven by two Volvo Penta IPS shaftless motors. The power of each is 1050, 1250 or 1350 horsepower. Fuel tanks hold 4012 liters of diesel, the capacity of the fresh water tank is 852 liters. You can control the main systems of the yacht and get information about their status remotely using the LY-Link communication system, and as an option, customers can order a Mark Levinson audio system with surround sound.

The Lexus yacht will be shown to the public for the first time at the International Yacht Show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Cars often become an inspiration for yacht designers. So, the Officina Armare studio from Milan transferred the Lamborghini aesthetics to the water and came up with the conceptual A43 speed boat. So far, the ship exists only in the form of renders, but it is possible that someone can take on the implementation of the project “in metal”.