Lexus is working on a car with a second-level autopilot

Lexus is working on a car with a second-level autopilot

February 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker may organize a public debut of the novelty in 2020.

The Lexus model line-up can be replenished with the first autopilot car for this company. Lexus president Koji Sato spoke about the brand’s plans in an interview with Autonews reporters. In addition to today’s autonomous control technologies, the announced new product from the Japanese brand will be able to be updated, which, of course, will appeal to customers. Recall that the same Tesla taught its machines “over the air” to update software and upgrade certain functions. It is known that the novelty will receive a second-level autopilot. This means that when driving such a car there is no need to constantly keep your hands on the steering wheel. At the same time, the motorist still has to control the situation on the road.

In the process of updating the autopilot will improve to the third level, etc. Whether the autopilot will become a separate option with its price tag has not yet been announced.

 Foreign media managed to find out that this technology is called Highway Teammate. Its creation was carried out by specialists from Denso. With this autopilot, Lexus cars will be able to control the distance, the allowed speed, as well as change lanes, etc.