Lexus is developing a completely new crossover. Release Date Unknown

Lexus is developing a completely new crossover. Release Date Unknown

January 2, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As part of his recent interview, the chairman of the Japanese brand dealership council spoke about the company’s development plans. According to him, the current Lexus lineup is in urgent need of updating.

I must admit that the lineup of the Japanese premium brand Lexus urgently needs to be updated. The company, which not so long ago was quite ahead of its German competitors, now lags far behind them. While the automaker introduced updated versions of many of its sedans, its crossovers and SUVs are aging morally. Car enthusiasts around the world are buying crossovers and SUVs, and almost all exceptions, car manufacturers are eager to release new, competitive crossovers that the current market needs.

 In a recent interview with Paul La Rochelle, chairman of the Japanese brand dealer council and general manager of the Lexus franchise in Maryland (USA), it was revealed that Lexus will be able to significantly improve its position over the next few years due to the advent of new or updated versions existing models.

According to Mr. Larochel, Lexus plans to release at least one new mid-size crossover, and it will receive a seven- or eight-seat layout. However, he did not say when this would happen.

Lexus will also upgrade its existing crossovers. For example, the current Lexus LX debuted in the 2008 model year. The GX was introduced in 2010. Both greatly lose to their direct competitors in the set of functions, design and technical equipment. The smaller SUV models Lexus NX and RX are newer offers from the company, but they also need to be updated. The only Lexus UX crossover can be considered now competitive in the market – it debuted in 2018.

 Steadily high sales of Lexus cars does not mean at all that Lexus should “rest on its laurels” after its recent dominance in the luxury car segment. Last November, Lexus introduced the UX 300e, the brand’s first electric crossover. It is designed for China, Japan and Europe, and boasts a range of 400 kilometers and a power of 201 hp.