Lexus is considering a successor to LFA

Lexus is considering a successor to LFA

January 19, 2018 1 By autotimesnews

Although dealers still have unsold supercars, the brand is thinking over an ideological successor.

Lexus produced only 500 copies of the LFA between December 2010 and December 2012 and 10% of the total was reserved for the extreme version with the Nürburgring package. Since last summer on the Network there was information about the availability of new cars on sale from dealers, it’s not necessary to talk about the stunning commercial success of LFA. Rumors have repeatedly appeared about a new supercar with a V10 engine, but the manufacturer denied them.

Now, Lexus Vice President and General Manager Jeff Bracken said this week at the Detroit Motor Show that the brand needs a promo car, according to CarBuzz. In addition, dealers are asking about the successor to the LFA and the company can no longer ignore the “large number of requests” for LFA II. Thus, the second generation of the model, or something with a similar philosophy, can become a reality.

But, even if the successor to the LFA gets a “green light”, it is not worth waiting for it to appear until the end of this decade. By the way, Toyota recently introduced the conceptual 1,000-strong supercar GR Super Sport, so with the technical stuffing of a potential future supercar, problems should not arise.

Recall the latest novelty of the brand was a luxurious futuristic crossover Lexus LF-1 Limitless, a public premiere of which took place a few days ago at the Auto Show in Detroit.