Lexus introduced the updated LS 500h

Lexus introduced the updated LS 500h

September 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker has released some interesting information about the restyled LS. Among other things, the flagship of the brand, the LS 500h, received a modified hybrid power plant. The model will appear at dealerships in early 2021.

Lexus will supply the 500h with a number of enhancements to the already well-known LS 500h hybrid powertrain. The battery and electric motor have become more important parts of the drivetrain and should now provide more help. Lexus has taken into account the “medium driving style”, in which the accelerator and brake pedals are operated with only light pressure. Additional adjustments should make acceleration smoother and more linear from low revs.

Comfort continues to be the main focus of Lexus, which can also be seen in chassis and tire adjustments. The tire sidewalls are smoother and the adaptive damping in the Lexus AVS has a wider range thanks to a new solenoid valve. According to Lexus, the LS should be more comfortable on poor road sections while offering more stable handling.

Key features of the update are BladeScan headlights, a sophisticated multimedia system with smartphone integration and improved seats. The restyled LS 500h will hit European showrooms in early 2021. Lexus will announce pricing ahead of market launch.