Lexus introduced in Paris a new version of the RC coupe

Lexus introduced in Paris a new version of the RC coupe

October 2, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Interestingly, at first glance, the Japanese sports coupe Lexus RC may seem exactly the same as before. But that is not updated at all. But believe me, the changes in the new version are not just there – they are quite significant!

The Japanese company Lexus introduced a new version of its compact coupe RC at the end of August this year. And the official presentation of this car, which is positioned by the manufacturer as a 2019 model year coupe, took place a couple of hours ago. The model was shown at the Paris Motor Show.

I must say that Lexus RC has been updated and these updates are quite extensive. Perhaps we start with the appearance of the car. First of all, the headlights were rebuilt – it is in them now to be new LED daytime running lights.

The overall style of the optics was apparently taken from the flagship LC model of the last generation. A closer look at the published photos of the new product shows that the mesh structure of the massive false radiator grille has also been updated.

According to representatives of the Japanese brand Lexus, new air ducts, located in the rear of the Lexus RC, serve not only to enhance the stylish, aggressive look of the car, but also improve its stability at higher speeds. The diffuser at the bottom of the model is also slightly revised, as are the taillights, which now look even more interesting, and the graphics in them received a more pronounced L-shape. During the presentation, it was reported that similar design solutions that were shown in the new Lexus RC will appear in almost all new models of the brand.

Interior enhancement is limited to a revised center console. It is known that customers will be able to choose from 7 color combinations of the interior and 11 body colors, including those that are reserved for high-performance versions from F-Sport.

But the most important changes were made to the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, which now has an improved throttle response. In addition, the suspension of the car was reconfigured – new shock absorbers were added to it.

Finally, we note that apparently, the “charged” RC F coupe can be seen either at the end of this year, or at the beginning of the next.