Lexus has prepared off-road concept GX

Lexus has prepared off-road concept GX

July 19, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Lexus GX is almost the only model with a frame structure in the middle class. He was presented with a new design and trim. There will also be proposed new technologies that will help GX strengthen its position in the market.

The GX Off-Road concept is reportedly a combination of “absolute luxury” and “unrivaled off-road capabilities.” He received a matte gray body color, exclusive GXOR badges. SUV is equipped with new off-road tires, snorkel, winch in the front bumper. An additional trunk is installed on the roof, in the main luggage compartment there are new storage compartments. The video shows the concept, complemented by a modern trailer, which received a similar body color and matching tires.

The GX Off-Road concept will be presented at the Fj Summit event in the USA. There will meet more than 50 owners of Lexus GX, who will try to conquer one of the most difficult and scenic roads in the Rocky Mountains.

Lexus has not yet reported anything about whether the new model will be sent to production. Most likely, it will serve as a demonstration stand for new accessories from Lexus.