Lexus has announced the emergence of autopilot on their cars

Lexus has announced the emergence of autopilot on their cars

February 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Lexus Highway Teammate technology allows you to not keep your hands on the steering wheel at the moment, but the driver still needs to monitor the road. But with the upgrade, it will get more autonomy.

At a press conference in Europe, Lexus CEO Koji Sato said that this year the Japanese brand will introduce a car that will receive an advanced driver assistance system. Future development of Lexus will automatically change lanes and pass vehicles on the highway.

The system is a bit like the similar Super Cruise from Cadillac, which has recently been upgraded to automatically change lanes.

Sato did not share any details about which model will support the function or in which region it will be available. In 2017, Lexus demonstrated the LS + concept, which introduced Highway Teammate semi-autonomous driving technology. Then it became known that Lexus was working with the government of Japan to draw up a map of all the country’s highways. This will prepare for the introduction of technology, that is, it is likely to be deployed first in Japan.

“The car will receive Level 2 autonomy, but it will have wireless updates so that in the future we can increase this level,” Mr. Sato said.