Lexus can reduce the life cycle of its cars

Lexus can reduce the life cycle of its cars

May 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to the new head of the American office of Toyota Corporation, Lexus is more likely to produce updated models, as consumers and dealers of the premium brand want this.

In an interview with Automotive News on Saturday, May 23, Toyota’s new head in the United States, Ted Ogawa, admitted that the American car market is quite complex, which may lead to a decrease in the life cycle of Lexus cars.

Despite the fact that at the moment the company is developing several products at once, including updated versions of the LS and IS models, as well as a subcompact cross, the luxury brand is more likely to attract customers with new machines. “I’m not worried about the Toyota lineup, but the Lexus lineup is causing me excitement,” says Ogawa.

 This year, he emphasizes, the LC cabriolet will appear on the market, but this is not enough on the scale of the brand. “The German competitors have a lot more models, while their life cycle is much shorter, the pricing policy is more aggressive, and the motor range is much wider,” said Ogawa.

Customers are still hoping for Lexus quality, he said, but dealers require new models. “All this is quite difficult and now I can’t say exactly what to do in this situation,” said Toyota’s head of America.