Lexus builds 557 hp SUV for women’s rally

Lexus builds 557 hp SUV for women’s rally

October 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Lexus showed an experimental car called the J201 Concept, which will participate in the women’s rally-raid.

The new car is a special modification of the top SUV LX570, focused on high-speed driving on heavy off-road.

The Lexus J201 Concept received a significantly improved 5.7-liter V8 gasoline engine equipped with a Magnuson mechanical supercharger. As a result of the improvements, engine performance increased from 389 to 557 hp.

The SUV was equipped with a modified chassis with reinforced steering rods and an improved adaptive suspension with increased ground clearance. In addition, the model has new cross-wheel differentials, snorkel for overcoming water obstacles, more powerful brakes, LED elements and much more.

At the stern, it is worth noting the appearance of special mounts for transporting canisters with drinking water, a special compartment for a dog, and also niches for tools from a repair kit.

In addition, it was recently noted that the smallest crossover Lexus received a “very black” special modification. It should be emphasized that the cost of the Japanese model in a special variation is not disclosed at the moment.