Lexus brand cars recognized as the most reliable

Lexus brand cars recognized as the most reliable

December 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Japanese brand Lexus has become the leader in the reliability rating according to the independent non-profit organization Consumer Reports. To identify the strengths and weaknesses of the new cars, hundreds of thousands of car owners were surveyed by analysts.

On average, the entire Lexus 2020 model year family was awarded 81 points out of 100 possible. And this is provided that the average indicator in the automotive industry as a whole is in the range from 41 to 60 points.

In addition to Lexus, another 2 Japanese brands – Mazda and Toyota – were among the top three brands. Among the outsiders, oddly enough, certain models of Volkswagen and Acura are noted. So, according to the owners, the reliability of some Audi, BMW and Subaru cars has fallen.

 It should be noted that recently the debut car on electric traction, which was developed on the basis of the compact cross UX, has entered the Lexus model line. The new model received a power unit with a capacity of 201 hp, its range is 400 km. Electric vehicle sales should begin next year.