Lexus began testing a new sports car

Lexus began testing a new sports car

February 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Test runs take place on one of the racing tracks. The test video has already appeared on the web.

Lexus began testing its new sports car on one of the racetracks in Japan. The video from the races has already been published on the Web. Note that the new LC was based on the current model. Now it’s hard to say about the future design of the car, most likely the Japanese brand is testing individual nodes. Of course, most interested in the powertrain. Already officially announced that it will be a completely new engine. Experts agree that under the hood of the test car a twin-turbocharged power plant V8 is installed. Most likely, the prototype has a temporary body, which will not go into series.

But in the part of the body, experts were able to test individual elements – we are talking about a large number of ventilation holes and a massive wing, made in the style of racing cars of the body series.

 In case of successful completion of the tests, the new motor can be installed not only on a sports car – they can be equipped with an LX crossover. Since the car body does not have a final shape, and engine power has not been announced, it is not yet known in which races the car can take part. However, it is clear that he will be able to compete on the track.