Lexani G-77: Sky Master or premium mobile office on wheels

Lexani G-77: Sky Master or premium mobile office on wheels

July 5, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The guys from the company presented a unique truck, which they called a “full-fledged office on wheels.” The car is worth $ 1,000,000, created on the basis of the Ford F-550 pickup.

Lexani Motorcars Lexani Motorcars is known for making projects based on really big cars and creating something extravagant from them. But this time the guys presented … well, in general, see for yourself! Meet the first million-dollar Ford truck you’ve ever seen, which got a huge body that is 10 meters long and called the G-77: Sky Master.

You read it right. The basis of this extravagant mobile office is the American full-size Ford F-550 truck, and yes, after all the work has been done to turn it into a luxurious office on wheels, its price will increase to an incredible 1,000,000 dollars

Where is the money, even for such a premium truck? Apparently, Lexani Motorcars engineers did not limit themselves to anything, because, among other things, they covered the car body with 24-carat gold – it really is everywhere. View the photo below and you will understand what we mean.

The interior of this novelty is made in warm, brown tones. The passengers have 6 electric seats, which are trimmed with brown leather and offer the function of heating and massage. Brown walls complement the wood trim, the latter of which, among other things, hides a comprehensive home theater system with a 65-inch TV. A kitchenette, bathroom and VIP meeting room are also included in this truck.

Massage chairs, luxurious entertainment systems, a kitchen and a bathroom with gold-plated equipment – this is the place where high-ranking managers of various large companies can comfortably conduct their outdoor meetings.