Lewis Hamilton won the Tuscany Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton won the Tuscany Grand Prix

September 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

For the second week in a row, the race was interrupted by red flags. Only 12 out of 20 riders were able to reach the finish line.

On Sunday, September 13, the 9th stage in the Formula 1 class took place. The Tuscany Grand Prix took place on the Mugello circuit. The race was remembered for a large number of accidents. At the start, Valtteri Bottas managed to pass his Mercedes partner Lewis Hamilton, but behind there was a collision with the participation of Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly, who dropped out of the race. As a result, a safety car appeared on the track. The incident also involved Kimi Raikkonen, Sebastian Vettel and Roman Grosjean, who were forced to go to the mechanics.

An even more serious accident occurred when the pace car left the track – Valtteri Bottas hit the gas too late, which led to an accordion effect at the end of the peloton. As a result, Carlos Sainz, Antonio Giovinazzi, Kevin Magnussen and Nicholas Latifi collided right on the starting line.

All cars were seriously damaged and unable to continue the race. The race management decided to interrupt the race with red flags and restart from the spot. The restart took place without major incidents.

Lewis Hamilton immediately regained the lead and further confidently controlled the course of the race.
The hero of the first part of the race was Charles Leclair, who was in third place in the 1000th F1 race for Ferrari. However, a terrible lack of straight line speed caused Leclair to lose position after position. In the middle of the race, Valtteri Bottas began to experience rubber problems and immediately fell behind by more than 7 seconds.

On Lap 46, Lance Stroll flew off the track from Racing Point, causing the session to be stopped again with red flags. At the third start, Riccardo overcame Bottasa, but after a circle there was a reverse exchange of positions. Hamilton confidently brought the race to victory, which became his 90th in his career. Already in the next race, Lewis will be able to equal the number of races won with the legendary Michael Schumacher. Valtteri Bottas finished second, and Alexander Albon from Red Bull completed the top three, who managed to pass Daniela Riccardo from Renault in a clean fight.

Sergio Perez from Racing Point finished sixth, followed by Lando Norris from McLaren. McLaren’s form was nowhere near as good as a week ago at Monza. Kimi Raikkonen crossed the finish line eighth, but due to a 5 second penalty for crossing the line when entering the pit lane, he was classified 9th. 8th and 10th places were taken by Charles Leclair and Seastian Vettel from Ferrari. Williams’ George Russell was close to his first points of the season and finished in 11th place. Roman Grosjean took 12th place.

As a result, Hamilton solidified the championship lead with 190 points, earning an additional 1 point for the best lap. The second with 135 points is his partner Valtteri Bottas, who received an extra point for the best lap. Daniil Kvyat with 10 points is in 14th place.