Lewis Hamilton wins Spanish Grand Prix qualifying

Lewis Hamilton wins Spanish Grand Prix qualifying

May 9, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The seven-time world champion in a tense struggle was able to get ahead of his main rival this year – Max Verstappen.

On Saturday, May 8, qualification took place for the fourth stage of the Formula 1 season – the Spanish Grand Prix. The start of the race was postponed for 10 minutes due to the repair of the barrier. Already in the first segment, an interesting struggle awaited us – the season of 2021 in this aspect pleasantly surprises. A large number of pilots managed to visit the departure area.

As a result, the last place was taken by Nikita Mazepin at “Haas”. His partner Mick Schumacher showed excellent speed and finished 18th ahead of Nicholas Latifi. Another unsuccessful qualification was held by Kimi Raikkonen, who will go into battle tomorrow from 17th position, although in the third part of the free races the Finn got into the TOP-10.

Also unsuccessful qualification for Yuki Tsunoda from “Alpha Tauri” – while the Japanese does not come close to justifying the advances given to him. In the second session, Max Verstappen from Red Bull showed a brilliant time, who managed to get out of 1:17. Note that all the pilots decided to show their best time on a soft type of rubber, in contrast to the race in Portugal.

The fight turned out to be quite tight – Anthony Jovination and George Russell predictably did not go further and remained in 14th and 15th places.

In full force, the Aston Martin racers could not get into the third segment – Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel took 11th and 13th places. Pierre Gasly will leave 12th position tomorrow – Alpha Tauri is seriously losing speed after a successful start to the season. In the first attempt of the third segment, Lewis Hamilton showed a fantastic time in a Mercedes, and Max Verstappen was just 0.036 seconds behind him. Esteban Ocon drove brilliantly, who became the fourth, but Sergio Perez disappointed – the Mexican turned on a fast lap.

On the second try, few managed to improve their time. The top three remained unchanged – Hamilton, Verstappen, Bottas. But Charles Leclair at Ferrari showed an excellent fourth result. Esteban Ocon and Carlos Sainz will go into battle from the third row of the starting field. Daniel Ricciardo finished seventh to beat his McLaren partner Lando Norris, who finished ninth. Eighth place belongs to Sergio Perez, and Fernando Alonso closes the TOP-10.

Meanwhile, it became known that the Estrema Fulminea hypercar from Italy will debut in May this year. The highlight of the car will be its power plant, the output of which will exceed 2000 hp.